Cocktail Spotlight of the Month


Photo Credit: Tram Tran + Arthur Yang, ATOD Magazine

Shogun Beauty

2oz Blood orange/Cucumber cordial

1.5oz Guotai Legend

Top with soda water

*Garnish with dehydrated blood orange slice

We are SO ECSTATIC to announce the debut of a brand-new, specialty crafted Guotai cocktail: The Shogun Beauty!

Featured as Guotai’s Cocktail of the Month for September, it’s simply as the name states – a beauty. The orange cousin to the Bloody Mary as it resembles in appearance, the combination of blood orange and cucumber cordial boosts the delicate sweetness that is already Guotai Legend. Blending in a bit of soda water gives the cocktail just the right amount of kick to keep you on your toes. Sticking with the blood orange theme, the dehydrated blood orange slice as a garnish gives the drink a pleasing aesthetic that is oh so Instagram-worthy, don’t you agree?

This beauty is the perfect mix for fall. Share with us your Shogun Beauty cocktails on our social media pages, and include the hashtag #GuotaiCocktailSpotlight!

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Originally crafted cocktail created by Gia St. George
Photo by: Tram Tran
Courtesy of: ATOD Magazine: A Taste of Dawn