Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Safe Drinking

By now we’ve all heard the saying at one point or another… “There’s an app for everything!” Well, contrary to what you believe, there really is. There’s even apps you can use when out for a night of drinking to keep you safe – Apps that keep track of how much you intake, help prevent drunk driving, lock you out of your phone when you want to send that dreadful “drunk text” to someone you should NOT be texting. These apps will help you control how much you drink, restrict you from driving while intoxicated, calculate your BAC levels, and more. Check out our top picks for the safest apps to use while out for a couple drinks.

  1. Drinkcontrol (Android, iOS) 
    • With Drinkcontrol, you can keep track of how much you drink, how much money you’re spending at the bar, and how many calories you’re consuming (because let’s be real here – all those empty calories build up after a few too many drinks).
  2. Leaf – Your Discreet Drink Tracker (iOS)
    • This app allows you to set a personal target for how many drinks you want to limit yourself to and will alert you when you are close to going over. Leaf gives you discreet advice and tips so you can decide if you’d like to make and changes to your drinking habits.
  3. R-U-Buzzed? (AndroidiOS)
    • Allows users to enter their weight, gender, hours spent drinking, and amount of alcohol consumed. When it’s time to go home, the app will then tell you if you are too buzzed to drive home. It has a GPS to locate the nearest taxi.
  4. DrunkGuard (iOS)
    • Along with calculating your BAC, this app also allows you to turn on a drunk-dialing/drunk-texting lockdown, and includes sobriety games, a “time to sober up” countdown, and a personable drink database.
  5. StearClear (Android, iOS)
    • Similar to calliung an Uber or Lyft, StearClear uses a GPS to find your location and sends a taxi your way. Only difference is, they send a team of TWO – one to drive you home, and one to drive your car home as well.  No more going to pick your car up the next day.

Safe and responsible drinking are one of our top priorities. We want everyone to enjoy baijiu, have fun, and remain safe. Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook page which app you plan on trying out!

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