Holiday Gift Guide for Drink Lovers

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost here. The season has gone by so quickly! If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’re now just starting your holiday shopping, or might not have even begun. This may be due to several factors: You’re too busy; you enjoy the thrill of waiting until the last minute; or you have absolutely no idea what to get anyone. Have no fear, that’s what holiday gift guides are for.

We all know someone that loves a good drink here and there. We’ve compiled a list of the most unique gifts for the drink lovers in your life – from your bartender, to your whiskey-loving dad, to your wine obsessed cousin. We’ll ensure your holiday gift hunt is as easy and convenient as possible.

1. On the Rocks Whiskey Stones

Who knew “on the rocks” could be so literal? These rocks are from the beaches of New England, made especially to keep your whiskey nice and cool.

2. Golden Bottle Opener

Nothing says cool like a golden shark jaw bottle opener.

3. Wine Preservation Carafe

This is a must have for wine drinkers. It works to keep wine secured and preserved so it won’t lose its taste. It’ll keep your wine fresh for up to a week!

4. Wine Pearls

When trying to chill your glass of wine, ice is no good. These wine pearls allow you to chill your wine at your ideal temperature. Plus, they add a nice touch of glam to your glass.

5. Mixology Flask Set

This takes mixology to a whole new level. This isn’t just for scientists. It’s a pretty swift looking set that’s sure to intrigue your house guests. How many people do you know that serve whisky and vodka in lab beakers?

6. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Salt is always served with tequila shots, but now you can drink them out of Himalayan salt glasses. Let’s just say, you can never have enough salt.

7. West Coast Style Beer Brewing Kit

Many people are beer drinkers, but why not switch roles and become the beer brewer? This kit includes everything to make your very own homemade brew: 100% malt extract, specialty grains, high quality yeast, and aromatic Summit and Cascade hops sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley.

Do you think you’ve found the perfect gift already? Share it with us! Post a photo on our Facebook page and let us know what you got!