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  • Major logistical advantages.
  • Advanced information on offers and promotions.
  • Access to our exclusive website and its valuable information.
  • Access to our B2B platform with additional discounts.
  • Guidance for your display designs.
  • Samples and display units for customers.
  • Point of sale image and communication support.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Assessment to improve commercial efficacy.

Awards & Recognition

  • 5th international Golden Prize of Brussels award.
  • Gold Medal for Spirit Competition at the 73rd Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Expo.


Located in the most renowned Baijiu distillery centers in Asia, Maotai Town, we blend the gathered wisdom and traditions of a 200 year old distillery with the best of modern science. Baijiu has been enjoyed in Asian countries for many centuries, and accounts for one third of all spirituous liquor sold world-wide

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