Guotai Premium Lite Special Edition

With this Special Edition bottle design, Guotai wants to honor the very famous Chinese Opera Face. Opera of China is a national treasure with a history over thousands years.

A story of the origin of Opera Mask

In ancient China, there is a Prince of Lanlin who is a supreme warrior. Also, he was recognized by women, for being one of the most handsome men in ancient history. This Warrior, led his army into battle and vanquished his enemies while wearing a fearsome and tremendous mask to hide his fairness. To show respect of his legend, artists created a type of performance, which actors and actresses will wear different masks while dancing, and also to personalize different characters. This Opera Face has been dignified as “painting of heart and soul”, and the fearless mask presents a spirited heart.

Alcohol Content: 18% by volume
Recommended Serve: Chilled in a liquor tumbler
Bottle Volume: 375ml, 750 ml